Wear And Go Wigs, just as it is called, it is beginners friendly, which is quick and easy to wear, just put it on your head, then you can enjoy your new hairstyles. The wig is 100% glueless and super comfortable to wear. The elastic band is sewn into the wigs, which makes the wig secure enough. And the 3D dome cap is breathable and offers good ductility. The pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline make it quick and easy to install, it only takes 3 seconds to wear, even you are a newbie. All of those features make Wear And Go Glueless Wigs beginner friendly and also perfect for everyday wear!


What Are The Advantages Of Wear And Go Wigs

  1. 3S-Installation And Beginner-Friendly

The Wear And Go Human Hair Wigs are mainly lace closure wigs, which are easier to install than lace front wigs. The lace is pre-cut, and it is not necessary to use glue to fix the lace on your forehead. It is 100% glueless wig. Customers can put on the wig and take it off quickly. The wig is super friendly for wig beginners.


  1. Pre-Plucked Natural Hairline And 100% Glueless

Wear and go wigs are pre-plucked hairline. Some people are not skilled in plucking the hairline, which may damage the lace when forced wrongly. Moreover, they are 100% glueless wigs, which are friendly to allergic wig wearers. So it is much simple and more convenient to wear a wig.


  1. 3D Dome Cap With Elastic Band Sewn In

3D Dome Cap means no bulging on the top, so it suits your head perfectly. The wig caps of wear and go wigs are more stretchy and breathable. It is much more comfortable to wear on the head. Besides, the elastic band is sew into the wig cap. Customers can adjust the wig cap to make it look natural. Of course, it helps to secure the wig in case of sliding when there is no glue to fix the lace.


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