To reinstate the separation of powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the United States government. The Congressional Budget Justification Transparency Act. Medicare-X Choice Demonstration Act of 202. to be able to change the power Department to successfully deal with the climate crisis. The Sustainable Public Pension Plans Act. to be able to provide incentives for States to implement voter registration devices that include instant voter registration with online application forms.

Protecting our Oceans Act. Absolutely no Taxpayer Funding for Trump's Wall Act. The Enforcement of Discrimination Laws Act. to be able to begin an operation for congressional files during the 116th Congress to be made available for everyone soon after the end of every Congress. The Disarm Hate Act of 202. Toning up Oversight of Parole (STOP) Act. To amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to provide consumers with the ability to get into the credit scores of theirs for no-cost over the sites of credit reporting agencies.

To establish the Department of Energy Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Center. Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Clergy Abuse Act. In order to enable others to opt out of providing their social security number online for purposes unrelated to their taxes or health benefits. To offer congressional disapproval of the proposed rule submitted by the Department of Energy on September 20, 2024, titled Affirmative Determination for Small Modular Reactors Under ten CFR Part.

to be able to prohibit the application of Federal funds to arm other school officials and teachers. To establish in the Legislative Branch a place of Inspector General for Government Contracting, and also for other uses. To reform Federal criminal codes to require evidence based sentencing and probation conditions which reduce main addiction, not merely punish it. To set the Global Anti-Corruption Coordination Act, and also for other purposes.

To provide for improved Federal investment in research on Alzheimer's condition and associated dementias. Stopping Money from Entering the Terrorist Economy (SMETE) Act. Coast Guard Authorization Act of 202. In order to remove the deadline for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, and for other uses. The Public Recreation Facilities Access Act. To prohibit the release of deadly substances to the environment. to be able to guide the Comptroller General to conduct an evaluation and research of the effect belonging to the usage of some private prisons by the Federal Government.

To provide for the improvement of a national strategy for climate resilience and energy security. To make a public database of all private and public contracts awarded by the Executive Branch. to be able to limit the deployment of United States Armed Forces abroad and the authority of the President to commit troops to military activity abroad, and also for other uses.