The ID90 is a rugged, fast, portable weld end preparation lathe for various tubes including stainless steel and other high chromium alloys. The ID90 Pipe beveling machine is utilized in a wide variety of roles from tube and pipe production to maintenance in power and processing plants. This powerful machine cuts from 0.98" to 3.50" (Φ25 mm to 89 mm) tube and pipe.

Key Features

Cold cutting eliminates thermal effects such as flame cutting to achieve high-quality weld joints.

Designed for various tubes materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloy steel.

Variety of tooling options allow you to bevel, counter bore, and perform J-prep.

Lightweight, self-centering and easy to operate.

Three motor choices, MT electric motor, Bosch electric motor and pneumatic, allowing you the flexibility to power the machine anywhere.