Features of Potato Peeler Machine

  • The entire machine is made of high-strength SUS304 stainless steel with matte sandblasting.

  • The main body is made of high-quality stainless steel plates, and the frame is made of high-quality stainless steel tubes, ensuring safety and hygiene.

  • The machine employs a dual-point suspension technology, ensuring balance, load-bearing, shock resistance, and durability.

  • Innovative 4-roller quick-detach structure design, equipped with 2 high-strength sand rollers and 2 nylon wire rollers, achieving high efficiency and economy.

  • The top of the machine has 2 working condition view panels on each side, for real-time monitoring of machine operating status.

  • Quick assembly and disassembly are available for the side view panels and side guards.

  • The hopper's inlet is fitted with a cushioning silicone pad to effectively prevent material from hard impact and bumping.

  • Mechanical rotating flat lock device at the discharge port to control the discharge speed flexibly according to different materials.

  • Single-row independent water-spraying device, water-saving and environmentally friendly.

  • The variable frequency control system can adopt different speeds according to different vegetable materials, ensuring reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Detachable wedge-shaped filter slag water receptacle and mobile slag box, convenient, sanitary, durable, and practical.

  • Central drain pipe located at the bottom of the machine, easy to clean and maintain.

  • Bottom equipped with adjustable support legs to level the equipment.

Functions of Potato Peeler Machine

  • Mainly used for polishing and peeling treatments of tuberous root vegetables like potatoes.

Technical Parameters of Potato Peeler Machine

  • Model: GM-27AB

  • Dimensions: 2710×1130×1500mm

  • Inlet Height: 1270mm

  • Outlet Height: 850mm

  • Number of Sand Rollers: 4

  • Power Supply: 380V Three-phase 50Hz

  • Capacity Range: 1500-2000Kg/h

  • Power: 3Kw

  • Weight: 180Kg



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